PhoneSmart Repair


PhoneSmart Repair is now offering what many have asked for!

We now have "Do It Yourself" screen repair kits for sale.

Each kit will include one premium quality screen that has been thoroughly tested and is fully functional, and a set of tools including: two screwdrivers(one for the bottom screws and one for the screws in the phone), pick tools to make removal of connections easy and safe, and a suction cup to easily remove the old screen.

Along with the kits themselves we will be posting helpful tutorials to our Facebook page to help anyone who may need a little help along the way! 

iPhone 5 LCD Kit: $40

iPhone 5c LCD Kit: $40

iPhone 5s LCD Kit: $40

iPhone 6 LCD Kit: $50

iPhone 6 Plus LCD Kit: $50

iPhone 6s LCD Kit: $60

iPhone 6s Plus LCD Kit: $65

iPhone 7 LCD Kit: $75

iPhone 7 Plus LCD Kit: $80